IsFaithCrazy is a look at Christianity, and the scientific view as well. The Bible cannot scientifically prove or disprove God exists.  Also, science cannot prove or disprove God or gods don’t exist.

While there are a myriad of different views when it comes to Christianity and science, the main difference that leads people to believe the universe came from “nothing” or was created by God is their world view and not scientific facts.

All of the options trying to explain the creation of the universe and life seem rather unbelievable but yet it all somehow exists.  All the various creation theories along with all the scientific theories leave many unanswered questions.

While no theory proves everything, I believe there is enough evidence on the side of Christianity to say it is the most likely explanation for the universe and life on earth.  I am going to go through the various reasons that led me to this conclusion and make short videos for them.

There are also a few pages which cover some high level views on scientific theories and a few of the reasons many non-believers have issues with God and the Bible.

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Science and Religion


Explore the different scientific theories for the creation of the universe and life on earth.

What science has not been able to scientifically prove:

  • In order for the Universe to be created from “nothing”, the laws of physics had to already exist along with some energy in the vacuum of space. There is no real explanation on how or why the laws of physics would exist or where the energy came from but without them, there would be no Universe.
  • The very early Universe had to start expanding extremely rapidly but only for a very short period of time (inflation). Scientists don’t really know what caused inflation and why it stopped. But without this additional theory, the big bang theory does not work.
  • Around 95% of the Universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy that we have not been able to detect and is only theoretical. Dark matter and dark energy are extension theories added to the Big Bang theory because the classic version did not match with what is observed in the Universe.
  • There are several forces of nature that if they were slightly different, life in the Universe would not exist. This is commonly referred to as “fine tuning” of the Universe. The probability of all of these being just right for life is extremely low (so low that it is virtually impossible).
  • While most scientists believe in evolution, they are not sure how life originally formed.
  • The jump from simple single celled organisms to complex single celled organisms is a huge leap that currently cannot be explained by gradual changes of evolution.
  • Then the jump from single celled organisms to multicellular organisms is another huge leap that is hard to explain by gradual changes of evolution.

Explore the different creation theories and some of the verses non-Christians have problems with in the Bible.

Why non-believers say the Bible is crazy:

  • It seems crazy to believe in some invisible God that you can't see, hear or detect. And that this God magically created everything.
  • If there is this magical God that loves you and listens to you, why do you still have problems?
  • If God is real, why doesn’t God just show everyone He is real?
  • If God is so loving, then why does He kill people and do other horrible things in the Bible?
  • If the Bible is true, why are there so many contradictions in it?
  • If you also add Young Earth Creation theory in the mix, then you have lots of scientific evidence pointing to the Earth and Universe being much older than they claim. They can't believe in science.